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Lombarte Carrera, Antoni

Direct Ph.: 93 230 95 64
Ext.: 1201
Office: B-78
Selected and/or Characteristic Publications:
Colmenero A.I., J. Aguzzi, A. Lombarte, A. Bozzano, 2010: Sensory constraints in temporal segregation in two species of anglerfish, Lophius budegassa and L. piscatorius. Marine Ecology Progress Series.
Parisi-Baradad V., A. Manjabacas, A. Lombarte, R. Olivella, Ò. Chic, J. Piera, E. García-Ladona, 2010: Automated Taxon Identification of Teleost fishes using an otolith online database—AFORO. Fisheries Research.