Staff - Detail

Reñé Vicente, Albert

Direct Ph.: 93 230 96 06
Ext.: 1248
Office: S-27
Selected and/or Characteristic Publications:
Garcés E., E. Alacid, A. Reñé, K. Petrou, R. Simó, 2013: Host-released dimethylsulphide activates the dinoflagellate parasitoid Parvilucifera sinerae. ISME Journal.
Reñé A., E. Garcés, J. Camp, 2013: Phylogenetic relationships of Cochlodinium polykrikoides Margalef (Gymnodiniales, Dinophyceae) from the Mediterranean Sea and the implications of its global biogeography. Harmful Algae.
Reñé A., M. de Salas, J. Camp, V. Balagué, E. Garcés, 2013: A New Clade, Based on Partial LSU rDNA Sequences, of Unarmoured Dinoflagellates. Protist.
Reñé A., C.T. Satta, E. Garcés, R. Massana, M. Zapata, S. Anglès, J. Camp, 2011: Gymnodinium litoralis sp. nov. (Dinophyceae), a newly identified bloom-forming dinoflagellate from the NW Mediterranean Sea. Harmful Algae.