Staff - Detail

Manjabacas Soriano, Amalia

Direct Ph.: 93 230 96 04
Ext.: 1178-1179
Office: B-60
Selected and/or Characteristic Publications:
Marti-Puig P., M. Serra-Serra, A. Campos-Candela, R. Reig-Bolano; A. Manjabacas, M. Palmer, 2018: Quantitatively scoring behavior from video-recorded, long-lasting fish trajectories. Environmental Modelling & Software.
Giménez J., A. Manjabacas, V.M. Tuset, A.Lombarte, 2016: Relationships between otolith and fish size from Mediterranean and north-eastern Atlantic species to be used in predator–prey studies. Journal of Fish Biology.
Marti-Puig P., J. Danés, A. Manjabacas, A. Lombarte, 2016: New parameterisation method for three-dimensional otolith surface images. Marine and Freshwater Research.
Parisi-Baradad V., A. Manjabacas, A. Lombarte, R. Olivella, Ò. Chic, J. Piera, E. García-Ladona, 2010: Automated Taxon Identification of Teleost fishes using an otolith online database—AFORO. Fisheries Research.