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Colmenero Gines, Ana Isabel

Tf. Directe: 93 230 96 04
Ext.: 1179
Despatx: B-60
Publicacions Seleccionades i/o Característiques:
Barría C., A.I. Colmenero, A. del Rosario, F. del Rosario, 2018: Occurrence of the vulnerable smalltooth sand tiger shark, Odontaspis ferox, in the Canary Islands, first evidence of philopatry. Journal of Applied Ichthyology.
Colmenero A.I., V.M. Tuset, P. Sánchez, 2017: Reproductive strategy of white anglerfish (Lophius piscatorius) in Mediterranean waters: implications for management. Fishery Bulletin.
Colmenero A.I., C. Barría, E. Broglio, S. García-Barcelona, 2017: Plastic debris straps on threatened blue shark Prionace glauca. Marine Pollution Bulletin.
Colmenero A.I., M. Demestre, P. Sánchez, 2016: Occurrence of a blind Lophius budegassa in the Mediterranean Sea. Cahiers de Biologie Marine.
Colmenero A.I., C. Barría, S.W. Feist, V.M. Tuset, 2015: Observations on the occurrence of Spraguea lophii in Mediterranean lophiids. Parasitology Research.
Colmenero A.I., V. M. Tuset, J.M. Fortuño, P. Sánchez, 2015: The chorion ultrastructure of ova of Lophius spp. Journal of Fish Biology.
Colmenero A.I., V.M. Tuset, L. Recasens, P. Sánchez, 2013: Reproductive biology of Black Anglerfish (Lophius budegassa) in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea. Fishery Bulletin.
Colmenero A.I., J. Aguzzi, A. Lombarte, A. Bozzano, 2010: Sensory constraints in temporal segregation in two species of anglerfish, Lophius budegassa and L. piscatorius. Marine Ecology Progress Series.